WFC Mobile App

IFF Events WFC Mobile App includes the following:

  • Latest scores, fixtures & standings
  • Event guide with useful information about arenas, tickets, contacts
  • IFF news, tweets (possibility to retweet), Instagram photos
  • Links to YouTube matches
  • Listing favourite teams and matches
  • UNIHOC Guessing game competition

UNIHOC guess the WFC results competition
The best WFC 2018 results guesser will win a UNIHOC prize. You can then start guessing by clicking on the matches and choose guess.

You collect points in the UNIHOC Guess the result game in the following way:

  • 3 points for correct winner and result
  • 2 points for correct winner and goal difference
  • 1 point for correct winner
  • Top 3 UNIHOC guessers with same amount of points will be ranked by most 3p guesses (correct final score) & 2p guesses (correct winner & goal difference).

Download the iOS version in the App Store & Android version on Google Play or update your current version of the App (search: "IFF Events").