This December we hold an important event – the 2018 Men´s World Championships. It´s going to be an event full of great expectations – both regarding the sports aspect, and regarding the attendance. The climax of the current floorball generation. An event that can help move Czech floorball forward by leaps and bounds, just like in 2008, and that will most likely not return to the Czech Republic before 2030 due to the development of international floorball.

One of the goals will be to beat the overall attendance record and to sell out the biggest sports arena in the country – the O2 Arena in Prague. And not once, but repeatedly! If we succeed, Czech floorball will again and even more convincingly show to the entire country that it is deservedly one of the top sports in the Czech Republic.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals we need more enthusiasts – someone who lives and breathes floorball, just like we do. We won´t be able to make this alone. We need a strong team for this, TEAM 2018. Would you like to get involved too? No problem at all! Come and join us, the decision is only up to you.


Anyone who meets the following conditions can apply:

  • be ready to meet the conditions of the World Championships´ organizing committee;
  • reach the age of 18 on 30th November 2018 at the latest (to be able to sign a contract on cooperation on organization of the WFC) and be fully available during the WFC from 1st to 9th December 2018;
  • be responsible and motivated;
  • adhere to principles of solidarity and cooperation;
  • be ready to devote a part of his/her free time and energy to sports and social activities;
  • understand that membership in TEAM 2018 is not based on employment relationship or financial remuneration.


A member selected for cooperation during the 2018 World Championships will get, apart from memorable experiences, the following benefits free of charge:

  • official clothing prepared exclusively for TEAM 2018 members;
  • accommodation during the World Championships;
  • meals during the World Championships;
  • local transportation at the WFC venue.

Every member is also entitled to:

  • obtain necessary information and training to be able to fulfil their tasks at the assigned position;
  • obtain support needed for proper practising of the assigned task;
  • receive necessary accreditation to be able to move around the World Championship premises;
  • attend introductory team-building events before the WFC.


For every well-functioning working group it is important to specify certain rules in advance, based on which we will be able to successfully meet our mutual goal. Cooperation between a TEAM 2018 member and the World Championship´s organizing committee is based on voluntariness and mutual enthusiasm, but still it is necessary to set some basic rules in advance:

The WFC 2018 organizing committee reserves the right to:

  • Select volunteers for organization of the WFC 2018 from the TEAM 2018 members. Selection criteria will be based mainly on meeting of all administrative conditions, participation in the introductory events, the member´s motivation, willingness and loyalty with TEAM 2018, as well as on previous organizing experience and skills. Approximately 150 to 200 volunteers needed for organization of the WFC 2018 will be selected on the grounds of these criteria.
  • Exclude a member from TEAM 2018, above all due to failure to meet the requirements specified in the chapter “Who can become a TEAM 2018 member”, or in case of failure perform duties and/or meet requirements in desired quality.

Selected TEAM 2018 members will be assigned to various areas of WFC organization, based on their completed entry form, participation in the introductory team-building event, their knowledge, skills, qualifications as well as considering their interests.

All selected TEAM 2018 members must meet one more necessary condition to be able to be involved in WFC organization – to conclude a simple contract on cooperation on organization of the WFC with the organizing committee in a proper and timely manner, which will be submitted to them during the introductory events.


Graphics of the TEAM 2018 logo is based on the official logo of the men´s World Floorball Championships in the Czech Republic and will be a part of the exclusive branding on clothing and equipment for all volunteers.


A special section that includes basic information about how the area of volunteering works was created on the WFC 2018 official website. However, a closed Facebook group called TEAM 2018 will be used as the main information and communication channel for TEAM 2018 members. You will gain access to the group after you properly fill in the binding online application form for TEAM 2018.

In individual cases, the following contacts can also be used for communication between TEAM 2018 members and the WFC organizing committee:


Mail address:

WFC 2018 Organizing Committee

TEAM 2018

Lomnického 1705/5

140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic